The challenge, energy and fun is in the gaps:  knowledge, perception-reality, present-future, et al.  This site is my attempt to explore my many gaps and share my discoveries with you – hopefully provoking you to join me on my quest.  Comments, queries, suggestions and brickbats – all welcome.  Here are the topics I find fascinating.

Finance:  Regaining balance after 8 years of extraordinarily low interest rates will dominate finance and economics for the next generation.  Most economic and investment participants’ understanding of “normal” low interest rates will be severely tested.  If interest rates rise, bonds and stocks will decline.

Disruption:  Organizations, industries, communities are being disrupted at a dizzying pace. We will explore the two sides of Disruptive Technologies: Effectiveness and Progress vs those disrupted.  An exponential ride up the learning curve.

Promise:  Periods of massive change are frightening for ossified, fragile entities.  Just when we should embrace the ideas and energy of youth, we raise barricades. An  exhilarating and daunting period of Promise for the young in spirit.

Politics:  Empires in retreat leave gaps to be filled.

History:  Novels and Biographies will provide the principal window.

Incubator:  Where I hide opinions, incomplete thoughts, n. e. c. stuff, whatever . . .

Personal:  Old dogs can learn new tricks and break free of the straitjacket of experience.  “My Library” offers a look at the books I consider foundational – necessary reading for understanding new realities.  It used to be said that purposeful brain work would reduce the rate of neuronal decay and synaptic gapping.  No longer!  Only heart-pumping exercise.  Nevertheless, I persist.  My personal choices: Learning to play piano, cooking and Bridge. Go grey cells!


3 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Some great topics…nothing about the impact of instant communications 24/7 on our ability to think? Particularly the effect on young people…

  2. I share your concern . . . the tyranny of the immediate over the important . . . but have no insight or answers.

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