Is it Just Possible?

An important idea in a lousy book, Taleb espouses “antifragility.  Fragile entities are most likely to shatter when confronted by shocks.  An antifragile entity is one step beyond resilient it is strengthen by overcoming adversity.  Trump is the shock.  The fragility of global institutions is the issue.  Is it just possible they survive him?

Jane Mayer, contributor to The New Yorker has documented the efforts of the Koch brothers to subvert US institutions.   Dark Money gives the long view – the strategy formulated almost two generations ago that, with Vice President Pence, seems close to fruition.  Civil society, evidence-based science, respect for law and truth, fair electoral practices, progressive economic policies – all under threat from disciplined and extremely well-funded attacking forces playing the long game!

Will these ideas and their supporting institutions prove fragile, resilient or evolve greater and stronger after the threats are diminished?


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